An overview on my project, to share opinion and experience.

About me

A little introduction about me.

I'm Daniel Quattrin, a mechanical designer, interested in IT and  electronics in the way they could be integrated in mechanical application. Not only robots, but also automation, in domotic or in industrial application.
I've experience in machinery tooling  taken from a past job in mould maintenance. After a few years passed on lathe, milling machine and TIG welding,  I decide to take this little experience and tried to start a new one in mechanical design.
Fortunately I founded a job where grow this passion, and improve it with other task like how to manage a project, from the idea to the truck.
Now, I will use this experience on  DIY project like the robotmower and the E-graz and share this works with other people, who have the same interesting, on the blog, that is its self a project.

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