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lunedì 29 luglio 2013

E-Graz, an elettric revisitation of Graziella like bike

Hi Everibody,

here we are with an other DIY hack, modify an '80s Italian folding bike (for italian people is a Graziella) and put on it an e-bike kit disassembled from an old 24" wheel e-bike my friend founded without some pieces in a bike shop for less then 100€.

We started disassembling the  24" wheel e-bike, the bike shop had used that to pickup some pieces like the battery (maybe it cost more than the bike itself) and the front wheel, but still have the hub motor, the motor controller, throttle and brake switch and was very cheap in place of an e-bay kit that cost about 300/400€ without the battery pack.
We also unmount the hub motor wheel from the rim, to send only the motor to a bike shop that can remount it on a 20" wheel suitable on the Graziella.

Meanwhile we was waiting the modified wheel, we starting modify the Graziella frame,  cutting the back part of the 24" wheel bike to get the original fork for the hub motor, cause the "Graziella" one is more close and cannot fit the new wheel.

On the "Graziella" we cut the 2 pipes that are between the pedals hub and the wheel fixing plate

to be able to fit the other fork.

As you can see in the picture below, we add the light grey piece that have 2 more pipes than the original, that goes from the main frame to the fixing plate of the wheel and give to the bike more stability.

To have a more comfortable use, also the front amortized fork is mounted but to fit the new wheel we need to create 2 plate that move the hole 6 cm upwards.

 Once arrived the hub motor mounted on the new 20" rim all the other parts could be mounted.

We use also the handlebar from the old bike that is a little bigger, but we take only the throttle and the brake and removed the tachometer and the lights, switching both on a lighter one.

The last step is the battery pack.
We found in a DIY shop a plastic toolbox that can  contain 3 x 12V 12Ah Pb battery and the motor controller. We had try this battery type, cause is economical and easy to find, but in the future they will update with a li-on type for more power with the same weight

The final results of the bike looks quite good,as you can see in the first, like a brand new one. It give us more than 40km autonomy at 22 km/h average with 28 km/h top speed. For the use it have is enough, it only runs 30 km a day, for the travel between home and work.

This project is a kind of test, to have an idea on how to make a more complex 4 wheel electrical vehicle, that will started as soon as possible, and added on this page to share the experience, so don't esitate to write your idea, sharing is the fuel.

A Special Thanks goes to Daniel for the "garage".

Good Bye guys.

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